To Clip or to Post…That is the jewelery lover’s question

4 thoughts on “To Clip or to Post…That is the jewelery lover’s question”

  1. I remember having to remove a pair of monet earrings I treasured so much at an event because of the pressureon my ears which seemed to have spread through my whole body. So off I went back to the store where I got them and yes Zinny’sBox, there is a way to enjoy your clip earrings. Get a flat nose plier, push back the clip part, and very, very, very, gently lift up the middle part of the clip. This part is usually the longer part. If its custume jewelry remember you can break it so be very careful. If its too loose, move it back. I hope I made sense.


  2. If you ever need to get your clip on earrings fixed in the UK, Bruce Smith Jewellers on Brighton Road Purley is the perfect place. They also fix other types of jewellery and if you are lucky you won’t have to pay.


  3. I actually just convert clip on earrings that I really like into a DIY project. You can find earring hooks and backs online or at any craft store really. Just take off the clip and the rubbery backing (supposed to protect your ears from the clip pressure… yeah right) and glue on the earring back (matching metal hue of course) and your’e set! Freedom AND all day wear!


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