Jewellery Icons

There’s the saying, ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’, it is true that trends come and go (bell bottom trousers for example) but there are some people who make a mark and are simply inimitable and here is a selection of some of our jewellery icons, all women with distinct personal style… in no particular … Continue reading Jewellery Icons

It’s black, it’s white….err no it’s blurred lines?

Looking through magazines and browsing bustling markets such as the popular Balogun Market one thing is clear: African jewellery has many forms and are made in different materials and fabrics. There are rows and rows of stalls waiting to be discovered filled with jewellery created out of a mixture of fabrics. That made me think: … Continue reading It’s black, it’s white….err no it’s blurred lines?

Beauty in Chaos!

The Queen of Pop, Beyonce, famously crooned ‘Who wants that perfect love story anyway…’ and it seems that is true also of jewellery! The Spring 2015 trend of perfect imperfection, which Harpers Bazaar calls ‘the unbalanced trend’ is pure perfection. Glorious stones in the spring colours of pinks, yellows, greens arranged in interesting designs reflect … Continue reading Beauty in Chaos!